2023 Graded Examinations

This year, we send 14 dancers for the annual Ballet Conservatoire Graded examination. The dancers have done exceptionally well, with many improving from the previous examination.

We would like to congratulate 2 outstanding students; Hannah- Junior Level 2, and Carrie- Junior Level 1 for attaining the DISTINCTION in this year examination.

Well Done girls, we are proud of your personal achievement.

We look forward to the dancers to their continued improvement, and love for dance, as we explore, and continued to dance with joy and curiosity.

Ballet X Mandarin Workshop (March Holiday 2023)

We had a fun Friday (17th March 2023), engaging with children ages 5-7 year old, bringing a dance & language workshop. The girls, most of them are 1st time ballerinas had fun learning not just the ballet movement, but the ballet terms, in both French & Mandarin as well.

Games of pairing

Looking forward for our next workshop, in April 2023!!

2022 Annual Recital

ALICE’S ADVENTURES (Full Length Ballet)

2022 was a year of moving forward. COVID, while it is still present, the world and life still continue with much resilience. Relevé Studio finally presented her 1st full length dance production, involving students from 4 year old to 18 year old.

This production was extra special, as it is run by the students, from backstage to make up and hair, to running company warm up for all. The teachers supported them, by as stage manager, assistant manager, making sure the production run smoothly.

Here are some of the pictures of the glorious day.

Alice & Sister reading a book, by the river, at their favourite spot.
Pink Roses (Primary Group)
Mouse (Level 1 Group)
Alice looking through the looking glass
Queen of Hearts; hunting for Alice.

What production will we attempt next!

Get The Beat 2022

After 2 long years, we are finally back competing LIVE. The girls had a short time to prepare, and they absolutely enjoy the process to learning and unlearning, and experience the rush of the competition season.

Shannon achieving 5th place, in her 14&U “My First Solo”
14&U Trio (Contemporary)- 4th place
12&U Small Group (Ballet)- 4th Place

This year, our Mini-team experienced their first dance competition. Young & eager, the girls absorbed the process like a sponge. We had fun from the 1st rehearsal to the very day. Backstage was interesting for them, to be able to see other dancers.

Backstage at Gateway Theatre
8&U Small Group (Ballet)- 5th Place