This year, 23rd-25th February, we had an amazing opportunity to fly to Bali, Indonesia to promote Singapore, and our dancers. We delighted the crowd with our award winning dance routine. We performed 5 items all together; 2 Ballet, 1 Contemporary, 2 Lyrical.

On the 23rd February, we fly into Bali, and was received warmly by the Balinese people. Even though exhausted from a full day of school, and flight, our dancers maintained their excitement, and were singing and bonding all til 1am.

24th February, our dancers gathered for an amazing Indonesian breakfast, and alot of pool time, before we got serious, and start our company warm-up, and followed by out hair and make-up.

At 2.30pm, it was pouring and it lasted til 6.00pm, affecting our performance time. But that did not stop us from being professional, and working on stage blocking, and we managed to run our pieces, even though the dance floor was wet, from the rain.

Set against lush greenery, the stage was perfect for that Bali experience. We waited and finally we shined bright on stage. Cheers from our support ring throughout the whole performances. And our dancers did Singapore proud!!

We bonded as a team, and this trip made every single dancer stronger, more independent, and very discipline. We celebrated with a great BBQ feast, and a lot pool time, with our floating flamingo. Not only our dancers, but our parents, gave us immense support too. We were extremely appreciative.

25th February, we had a free morning, and some had a morning horse riding experience by the beach, and a brave dancer even climb the mountain. Everyone gathered for lunch, and we had a fantastic lunch at Ku De Ta.

Enjoying the last few Sun, Sand and Sea, before rain hit us again, but our dancers are not deterred at all. Flying back at night, with our hearts full, and our body contented, and our mind ready for our next adventure!!

Thank you BALI, we will be back to dance with our friends in Bali.

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