Created for your dancers, trained by gymnastic coaches. In each class, with a maximum of 10 dancers, we have 2 coaches to lead and assist. Our classes are design to aid our lyrical & contemporary dancers in doing complex movements. Our focus is to condition the body to have flexibility and strength to do simple gymnastic tricks, like walkovers, rolls, or illusion.

Meet our Coaches!

Kaitlyn started her journey at a young age of 7 year old. Having to be trained as a Rhythmic Gymnast for the past 10 years, she joined the National Team in 2015. And since then, she competed in both National and International Competitions, notably the 2019 World Junior Championships and the 2023 Commonwealth Games.

Bubbly, encouraging and passionate; her love for teaching, lead her to Releve Studio to hone and develop children in their strength, flexibility & acrobatic skills.

Cleo was inspired by her older sisters after watching them train, she decided to start her journey as a gymnast too. She started her Rhythmic Gymnastic journey at the age of 8.

She is the current Singapore Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team. Her in-depth experiences lead her to compete both nationally and internationally. Her favourite competition is the JRC 2023 in Thailand, with her teammates.

With her kind and cheerful nature, our students enjoy her cheeky training together with the other coaches.

Sophia, started training in Rhythmic Gymnastics since she was 8 year old. She joined the Singapore National Team at the age 9, and train intensively since then with the National Team.

She compete both nationally and internationally. Some of the notable competitions includes; 17th Junior Asian Championship, 12th Senior Asian Championship, and the 2023 Commonwealth Games.

Her quiet nature allows her to be dedicated and observant, making her a great coach to the dancers.